The Art Of Listening

Your mind is constantly bombarded by the most different thoughts from all directions. To protect itself, the mind created a thin wall, the system of buffers, so that not all thoughts entered it. In general, it is good, but gradually these buffers grow to such sizes that do not allow anything to enter you. Even if you want it, they do not submit to your control any more. And the only way to destroy them – the same by means of which it is possible to get off a mind in general.

Just become the witness of the thoughts. And if your thoughts begin to disappear, then there is no need and for buffers. Then buffers which protect these thoughts will begin to disappear too.

Only that person who knows how to meditate, knows how to listen, or on the contrary. The person who knows how to listen, knows how to meditate because it is the same thing.

Step 1: sit down near the tree or on the bed, in any place, and just listen to traffic noise. Listen to it it is total, without any judgment of that, well it or is bad.

Your thoughts will be rejected, and together with it your buffers will also be rejected. Unexpectedly there will be an interval which will result you in silence and rest.

Throughout centuries this way was the only thing which could result the person in his true reality and the mysteries of existence. And the more deeply you will go to it, the more you will be feel quiet, happy, filled, satisfied, blissful. There comes the moment when you are so full of pleasure that you can divide it with the whole world; at the same time your pleasure remains same. You can continue to give, but this stock is inexhaustible.

Now you can study this method only. Then use it when it is possible and where it is possible. And you have a lot of time when you stand in the bus or go by train, or lie on a bed…