Yoga and nutrition: the pros and cons

Food in yoga is not just a diet, not just a way of consumption of food. It is special philosophy which is an integral part of yoga as complete system. You will also not notice how the yoga herself will begin to prompt to you than and how to eat.

The yoga and food for those who practice this east practice for years become practically synonyms. Many adherents of yoga even claim that physical exercises in yoga “dictate” to an organism that how and when is and what to exclude from a diet once and for all.

yoga and food

Yoga and food: positive aspects of the Yogi and food are connected more closely, than can seem. So, many who only began to practice asanas (poses in yoga) are concerned by a question —whether the truth that, practicing yoga, it is necessary to change the diet,the eating habits? So, to say, not you will change food, and the yoga will change it for you without violence over your organism. Gradually the yoga will remove harmful products from a diet, will force to eat with heavy food for the night. Much practicing yoga become vegetarians over time, but there are also those who cannot refuse meat after the long practicing of yoga. It means that the organism needs meat and it is not ready to pass to new style of food. The yoga is not only philosophy, it also essential physical activity. After the first occupations you will feel fatigue in muscles though, apparently, the yogi cannot call active sport. To restore forces, energy, it is necessary to eat,and the first change begins with the fact that you will think of what you eat.Gradually the food close to the nature will begin to attract you: not refined oil, wild rice, brown sugar, cereals, vegetables, fruit…

 Yoga and food: difficulties of perception Yoga — life philosophy, and, of course,food philosophy. Why the yoga does not welcome consumption of meat? According to the doctrine, in meat there is no energy as animals used it during lifetime. Most of all energy contains in vegetable food. Also, it is worth refusing too salty food and to include light-salted food in food. You should not overeat, its yoga contraindicated. Is costs only until satisfying of voracious appetite. At first it will be difficult to get used to it, but over time you teach to be content the organism with a small amount of food and as the yoga demands from us to include the balanced food in food, for your organism of it precisely will be enough. And to help your organism not to provoke appetite, it is necessary to refuse spices and spices, and also coffee. The yoga and food are really strong connected with each other. But advantage is that the yoga herself will gradually transfer you to healthy food. In any case her adherents so assure.