Forgiveness: A Practice for Freedom


By forgiving, we claim:

  • The world around.
  • The descendants.
  • The person whom we forgive.
  • World. Divine nature.
  • Divine superiority.

When we do not forgive. We:

  • we create chains among themselves and that whom we do not forgive. These chains will last neither one, nor two, nor three lives. It is so much, so far you do not forgive the person.
  • we start in a reaction organism which will remind us each fraction of a second that there is someone who hostilely to us is ready (because we are ready hostilely). It means that the organism will be in a state of war all the time.
  • we appear in such situations, we attract such people who answer our vibrations: deceived and the deceivers suffering and inflicting suffering.

Practice of Forgiveness – one of the most powerful and the most important for spiritual development. Through Forgiveness it is possible to work with images, with problems and with reality. To us always is whom to forgive, eat what to forgive for and for what to apologize. We have something to forgive themselves, parents, partners, God and the Universe for. Forgiveness makes you free as, forgiving the person, you release it. When you apologize, you are released.

It is hygiene of soul. Since the childhood hands before food learn to wash us and to brush teeth in the mornings, but at all do not learn how to apologize that it really worked – without humiliation and sense of guilt. Practice of Forgiveness gives release at the emotional, physical and spiritual level.

For this purpose it is not obligatory to communicate with the person whom you want to forgive personally at all. It can be done by means of meditation. And it does not mean at all that this person will leave your life forever. Just you release emotional freight, negative ideas of the relations which you pull for yourself.

It is difficult for us to live here and now, we often stay in memories of days past, about last negative experience, or we make plans for the future. Also we perceive the specific person. We pull for ourselves its image from the past, without giving to this person of chance to be shown for us in a different way. We perceive it “there and then”. And it is possible to learn to see the person in a new way is the task revealing two partners. Practice of Forgiveness will allow to clean this last relationship.

Forgiveness gives freedom, joy, force and happiness, helps to restore the field of love between people as allows to see the person at the level of soul where all are equal and are a whole.

One more plus of Forgiveness is that this practice can be carried out everywhere and always, unlimited number of times with the same person – close or hardly familiar, for example, with the one who pushed around in the subway. It can be not only the person with whom you are angry or the one whom you do not accept or you condemn nursed a grievance, but also just.

Forgiveness is a great healer, it can exempt us from last wounds, offenses and misunderstanding. But it is sometimes favorable to us to take offense. It is sometimes difficult to us to forgive near or distant. Why? Because so we unconsciously protect ourselves. By means of Forgiveness we can change painful situations in the past, having just changed the attitude towards them. Through practice of Forgiveness you can reconcile with yourself – to forgive yourself, the past, the parents. Forgiveness can cure not only your life, but also the planet in general. Will be great if all people are exempted from old offenses, rage, claims to each other. By means of Forgiveness it is possible even to recover from many physical diseases and illnesses as long ago it is proved that each disease is unconscious, not shown and not worked emotion. And by means of Forgiveness we can release a situation or emotion which led to this disease. The lack of Forgiveness not only complicates life, but also destroys a body and soul. And if to use this practice, it is possible to make life easier and more joyful.

As well as whom to forgive?

  • Make the list of people whom you want to forgive.
  • Make the list of people whom you do not want or you cannot forgive.
  • Forgive the parents.
  • Forgive yourself, the childhood and the internal child.
  • Forgive the feelings, emotions and experiences. (It is, perhaps, the most difficult task because we often are angry with ourselves and we do not accept the feelings – anger, rage, offense. Make the separate list: what you cannot forgive yourself for).

Sorts of Forgiveness

Forgive the former partners. Write the list of the most significant for you of partners with whom there were serious relations, or deep feeling from your party even if it was meek. The application of “former” helps to release itself and to prepare space for new, happy relationship.

Forgive the colleagues and the administration (or subordinates if you are a boss). In any collective there are conflicts, it is reality. It is important not to get stuck in them. Mentally forgiving colleagues, subordinates and the boss, you will be able to settle with ease even the most explosive conflicts at work. Your efficiency at the same time will increase repeatedly!

Forgive all so-called “third parties”. These are people to whom you contact daily – in transport, in bank or shop. These are people who seemingly accidentally touched you or offended. But actually, all accidents are not casual if to speak about the spiritual plan. Each person comes to your life to help you to be released. Having carried out Forgiveness with this seemingly casual person. You can repay a karmic debt or just clean the relations with the relatives.

Forgiveness with professionals. These are the situations connected with experts – lawyers, doctors, tax administration, traffic police, etc. When you sit in line to the lawyer or the doctor and are nervous: “Signs or not? Whether all papers as it should be?”, having mentally carried out with it Forgiveness, energetically you prepare the field of love with this person. As a result, any issue is resolved easily and quickly.

Forgiveness of the Highest Forces. All of us take offense sometimes at God, at destiny, on love and we exclaim: “For what to me these troubles and punishments?”. Having adjusted on Forgiveness, we get strong support from the Universe and Space.

Forgiveness of tragic situations: accidents, attacks, rough insults, robberies, etc. Forgiveness in this case allows to open heart – the spiritual center and to be saved in the future from similar situations.

What obstacles in a way to Forgiveness are?

Fear No. 1: “And what if I forgive him, and this person will leave my life forever?”. But to forgive – it does not mean to say goodbye.

Fear No. 2: “And if I forgive him, and this person will return to my life? It is necessary to me?!”. If you in all sincerity release the person and do not want to cling to these relations, then they will stop – to general welfare.

I can forgive, but I do not want it to do.

We always have a choice: or to continue to be the victims, to want vengeance, to feel offense, rage, pain, or to forgive and choose love. What do you choose for yourself?

The essence of our life is LOVE. Forgiveness teaches us to choose love instead of pain, offenses, fear and sufferings. Forgiveness – the universal equipment which any person, irrespective of his age, sex, experience, religion can learn. Try, and your life will become much lighter!

Transformation prayer

I accept you with love in my heart!
You, I and all world around – are an essence a single whole. You came to my life with the pain and suffering not just like that. You show me, as in a mirror that pain and suffering exist deeply in my soul, in my subconsciousness.

And I with full responsibility realize that it is involved in your problems as I know that everything that occurs in my life – is result of my thoughts and acts in the past.
I regret deeds.
And free Will I cancel all my destructive programs concerning you, your ancestors and all your Rod.

I forgive you and your ancestors for all their wrong thoughts and acts made intentionally or unintentionally concerning my ancestors from Creation of the world and till today.
Forgive also you me and all my Rod because we did not know that we created.

I thank you for the fact that you came to my life and help me to clean my mind and to be exempted from all old and unnecessary, to become really free, to change and be happy, living on the Truth and on Conscience.

I love you and I bless with love all your Rod. I wish you, your relatives and your descendants of happiness and good.

And let all my wrong thoughts, words and acts which led to your pain and sufferings by the power of Divine Love will change in just thoughts and acts, and let they will bring happiness to our childbirth and all world around.

Let on Earth Love, the World and general Prosperity reigns.

Let it be!

  • I accept you with love in my heart!
  • Forgive me and all my Rod!
  • I thank you!
  • I forgive you and all your Rod and I bless with love!
  • I wish you good luck and good!

Meditation “Forgiveness”

Sit down, relax, make a deep breath and an exhalation, and once again – a deep breath, and with an exhalation release all tension in a body, all weight, rock on waves of the breath.

Cause an image of the person with which you would like to hold a forgiveness ritual. It can be the close or distant relative, the friend, the chief, the person who offended you or who was offended by you.

Present that it costs opposite to you. Consider its image better: as it looks in what it is dressed whether you see it clearly or an image indistinct. That you want to tell it: “Forgive” or “Forgive”? The first that will come to mind, and will be the most correct.

And now tell this person: “Forgive me, and I forgive you, and I forgive myself in the relations with you. And I forgive and I release all that dark that was between us, I forgive myself all feelings, emotions, experiences in the relations with you. I forgive and I release everything that is not love in our relations”.

Present how the violet flame enters your body and an image of this person. “I ask violet fire to clean all feelings, emotions in the relations with you, I ask to clean pain, offense, envy, hatred, jealousy – all that is not love in our relations. I forgive and I release all this, everything that prevents my disclosure, freedom, love”.

Now present how gold and pink rays of light enter your top and fill you with those qualities which were not enough for you in the relations with this person. I give myself so much light, love, support, freedom, attention, the value how many for me was not enough in the relations with you on all childbirth and the embodiments. Allow a gold beam to fill each section of your body with love, light, heat.

And now present how the same ray of light enters the top of this person. I give you so much light, love, heat, forgiveness, acceptance, support how many for you was not enough in the relations with me on all childbirth and the embodiments. Allow a gold beam to fill a body of this person with love, freedom, forgiveness, light.

I ask the Universe to restore the field of love between us on all childbirth and the embodiments.

Tell this person: “I thank you for what was between us, and for what between us was not, for the one whom you were for me and whom you for me were not, and for those lessons of love which you gave me”. Mentally bow.

Now make a deep breath and with an exhalation come back in “here and now”.